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Something Like This – Chainsmokers & Coldplay

In this sound design tutorial video, I am gonna show you how to recreate the sound of Something Like This and show you some advanced techniques. If you got questions or issue, leave a comment either on this site down below, or use the YouTube comment function below the video.


– xfer Serum



Download for free 🙂

CHRD Something Like This

KY Saxophonic


To use the patch, you simply have to copy the .fxp-file to your Serum Preset folder. If you haven’t changed the default preset path, you can find the preset folder under:

C:UsersYourNameDocumentsXferSerum PresetsPresets…

There you can paste the .fxp-file wherever you like.
We suggest creating a new folder “Sapphire Sounds” and a subfolder “Bass Vol. I” and paste it there.

Sapphire Sounds
Serum Bass Vol. I

This patch is part of a preset pack.